Frequently Asked Questions

What is the goal of StartHereNow? StartHereNow is a women's start-up weekend. StartHereNow helps founders refine their ideas, build their teams, and practice their pitches. The weekend enables women to network and build relationships in the spheres of entrepreneurship, start-ups, and technology. We connect founders to investors. 

Do I need business or entrepreneurial experience to participate in the weekend? No experience necessary. If you're curious about entrepreneurship, start-ups, design, coding or just want to have a fun-filled weekend with a group of outstanding women, join us!

Do I need to know how to code or be a developer to participate? Nope. Many of our participants are developers, engineers, and programmers, but a technical or software background, is not necessary.  Bring your enthusiasm and ideas; we will make sure each team has developers to help on the technical side. 

Did you change the name of your event? Yes! In 2016, this event was called SheHacksHTX, joining the SheHacksNYC events held in 2015 and 2016. For 2017, we changed our name to StartHereNow. We think our new name helps to make it clear that the event is not only for the coders out there. 

Is my idea good enough to submit? Go ahead and try! Seriously. All ideas are welcome. Our coordinators and volunteers will help shape your idea and give you helpful feedback. You'll be surprised where inspiration strikes during the StartHereNow weekend, once all of the teams are together and the excitement and ideas start flowing. 

Is this a hackathon? Yes ... and more. StartHereNow is a women's start-up weekend. Teams will build a working prototype (of an app, a website, a software tool, even a piece of hardware) in one weekend, design and refine the business model around the idea, and pitch it to the judges at the end of the weekend. So, coding, hacking, and programming is a big part of the event, but lots more happens on project: business model, design, marketing, and pitches.    

What if I'm not sure I want to be an entrepreneur / start a business? This is a good event to try it out!  As a participant, your commitment is for the StartHereNow weekend. Some teams come into the competition already formed and continue as a business thereafter, while other participants help out just for the weekend. 

How much does it cost? $25/person for registrations before September 14, $35/person for registrations thereafter. The registration fee covers the competition, eight meals, all refreshments, an official StartHereNow t-shirt, the invitation-only Preparation Party on September 19, all training & mentoring, and ... a whole lot of fun! 

I'd like to participate, where do I sign up? Great! Apply here to submit your idea or join a team. Then go to our event page on EventBrite to buy your ticket and complete your registration.

Can my family / friends come along? Yes! The pitch competition on Sunday evening is open to the public.  Tickets will be available & so invite as many people as you like! The rest of the competition is only for participants, event leaders, and mentors.

What happens to the prize money? The prize money for team winners is intended to help get that business idea off the ground. So, it is up to the team captain what the prize money awarded to that team will be used for. For individual prizes (best developer, etc.) the prize money is awarded to the individual, not the team.